2010 Lincoln Penny Reverse: the Union Shield Cent

Lyndall Bass is the U.S. Mint selected freelance designer for our new 2010 start date Penny reverse. Her initials, LB, can be found under the left side of the ONE CENT scroll. The intials JFM on the right side belong to Joseph F. Mennna, the staff medalist who sculpted the design in 3-D. Lyndall's graphite drawing of the design and lettering were followed exactly.

The concept commemorates Lincoln’s preservation of America as a single united country. The penny features a Civil War era shield with vertical stripes symbolizing the thirteen original states joined in a single compact union. The E Pluribus Unum above them is Latin for “Out of Many One”. The scroll across the shield bears a curved ONE CENT letter design meant by the artist to stand for the re-establishment of trust in the economic flow of currency after the Civil War. Without the resolve of President Lincoln to win the war and to establish peace and cooperation, we would not be the fifty United States we are today. 


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This graphite portrait by Lyndall was inspired by the honor of receiving the design award for the 2010 Lincoln Cent Reverse. The original drawing is based on an 1864 photograph by Anthony Berger, who worked for Mathew Brady. (Lloyd Ostendorf 0-92).

Prints of astonishing fidelity are in the exact size of the original and are available now in this Limited Edition Print Series (14 x 11) on textured Archival paper. The edition is limited to a maximum number of 250. Each Lincoln Print is personally inspected and hand signed by the artist as “Lyndall Bass 2010” to the left with edition numbers to the right. Personal inscriptions are available by request.

The price for each print is $300.00 plus shipping and handling.

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