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Contemporary realism is painting, mostly oil painting. Commission portrait graphite or pencil is the best fine art of all fine arts. Fine art nude painting will be with us always, especially fine art portraits because portraits are pencil portraits. A portrait makes one think of oil paintings or pencil drawing or graphite drawing. Nudes are cultured fine art paintings. They are found in a painting gallery also known as a fine art gallery among other art paintings. Contemporary paintings prove the longevity of oil portraits. Contemporary painting can be already famous painting. The atelier is training for the fine artist and may include paintings for sale. Canvas painting is a form of fine artwork found in a fine art collection. Classical paintings are also canvas paintings and can be painted portraits. They can be made by a portraits artist also know as fine art painters who offers oil paintings for sale. A portrait artist can perform as an artist painting, sometimes copying famous paintings. This demonstrates fine art oil painting to the public. People like to order oil painting portraits sometimes mistaken for acrylic paintings. But no, the oil portrait is still considered the best fine art portrait of all contemporary fine art. All fine artists know this is the way to be art gallery painting, to paint portraits in the manner of classical oil painting. That is the way to fine artworks, never to be confused with painting photo, only original painting- that is original fine art. Fine art photos used to make canvas portraits are never more than a fine art photo like fine art posters. Such things are not art oil paintings and are only sham contemporary portraits. Real portraits paintings are only by real portraits painters. Do we call them painter portraits by portrait painters? Museum painting can provide samples of museum portraits made with paint by the fine art painter. Such institutions are not a paintings store. Fine art models pose for the fine art oil and sometimes even buy paintings if they are fine paintings one day to become famous fine art. Still life oil painting is among the favorite artist paintings, more than gallery portraits and fine art Picasso. Fine modern art can be fine art drawings available from a paintings dealer if you can find a classical painting gallery. Do you want artists or just one artist? Contemporary art comes either way. Still life art can be oil art as modern art. Portraiture is one way to buy artwork, that is, buy fine art. Art online is also a way to buy art, even corporate art. Fine art for sale is usually original art maybe at an art auction. A pencil drawing gallery can find fine painters too. Contemporary artwork should be purchased once a week.